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Duck Race

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  1. 07/07/2014. We were guests of John and Jan Deck for the 4 th of July holiday weekend. Our eldest daughter is blessed to be their daughter -in-law and the wife of Randy Deck. We had an amazing time @Shademoore Park! Everyone was so friendly in the relaxed atmosphere … and the activities were delightful while capturing the meaning of summer holidays in a fashion of days gone by. How blessed are the families that have enjoyed this place thru the generations. We hope we can visit again, but if we never return the memories will always warm our hearts.

  2. Thank you for your comments. Our Shadmoore Community is truly a family. This 4th of July was so delightful and the weather was perfect. Hope you can visit again soon.

  3. Carol Laumbattus says:


    My name is Carol Laumbattus. My family owned cottages at Sharemoore from the beginning of it’s exsistance until the last cottage sold in the early 60’s. My grandfather, John Berne, was good friend of Charlie Moore and helped him build many of the cottages. He also planted the walnut trees at the entrance.

    The reason I am writing is to send you pictures taken at Sharemoore from the early days to 1960 when my grandfather had to leave because of poor health.

    If you will email me your address I will send them to you after our move (in progress) to Michigan and then additional time to unpack boxes of photos and make copies – this may take some time. My email is

  4. Carol Laumbattus says:

    Hi, I wrote a note and thought I was posting, but comment says “awaiting moderation” . I have pictures taken at Sharemoore from early days to 1960 which I will be glad to send you. Please email me an address and I will send them
    after we move to Michigan and unpack. This might take awhile! My email address is:

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